RIP childhood.

Remember that lovely, lovely book your mother used to read to you?  It was called The Rainbow Fish, and it was by that guy whose name you could never quite get your underdeveloped 6-year-old mouth to pronounce.  Wasn’t that book just the best?  It was all about how the Rainbow Fish had these gorgeous scales that all the other fish envied, and how the Rainbow Fish couldn’t make any friends until he learned that in order to make friends, he had to become less attractive.  In order to do so, he had to physically sacrifice bits of himself.  In the end, he magically detached his rainbow scales, keeping only one for himself, and giving the rest to those other Bitchy Frienemy Fish.  Sure, it masochistic and pretty stupid, but the ultimate message was a good one: dress down if you want people to like you.


Here is all that now remains of the Rainbow Fish and his school of selfish, slaughtered friends.  You can purchase it at Victoria’s Secret.





On a somewhat related note, I saw this on the street recently and thought it was just heartbreaking:

Plastic bottles and a Coke can in the trash?  Come on, New York.  Let’s recycle.

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  1. I love this blog. I read this in stead of the New York Times in the morning. It’s much more helpful to my development as a human being.

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