Thanks, Mom!

I would like to thank my mom for commenting on my last post.  It reminds me of her unconditional support, and that she can see everything I write on here.

I saw Super 8 tonight (by myself), and as much as I adored it, and although I am now keeping a countdown to Joel Courtney’s 18th birthday, the best part of my night came during one of the movie trailers.  No, it was not the HP7 trailer (which is epic), or even the Cars 2 trailer (which is not).

Thanks to Michael Bay, that sucker of indie souls everywhere, crusher of the Juno sequel (Juno and the Plan B Pill), I got my biggest lulz before the first word of J.J. Abrams’ fantastic dialogue was spoken. I wonder if you can catch why:

I admit it, my senses go all a-tingle when Shia LaBeouf screams “OPTIMUUUUS!” and when the boa constrictor Transformer squeezes that shiny building in half.


I don’t think anyone is that chronic an open-mouth breather (even during allergy season), or that naturally ready to have something (say, a penis?) shoved in their mouth.  I’m sure that her talent is as ample as her hotness, and that if my lips were less Laura Linney and more young Sophia Loren, I wouldn’t be channeling hostility.  Because I’m biased, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she’s just really into hockey, and wears a clear mouth guard at all times.

I googled “perpetually open mouth” fully expecting to get a link to the trailer, but, interestingly enough, the first result read, “Does Prince William’s perpetually open mouth make him look sweet or like a village idiot?”

I personally think it’s sweet.

One thought on “Thanks, Mom!

  1. I’m trying to remember who said it about the terminally open mouths of the beautiful people … “I don’t want to be anybody’s hot dog.” I think that’s appropriate. Unless, of course, Ms. Huntington-Whiteley is doing her best imitation of a proverbial Kosher beef link. And mayhaps she is. Mazel tov.

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